While the PlayStation 3 continued to impress throughout its lifespan, it started to reach its limits around the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves way back in 2009. We’re not saying that titles like The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls weren’t exceptional, but they never quite caused us to stare in disbelief like last week’s DriveClub video.

That’s because we’re still at the start of the generation, and developers are currently working to unlock the potential of the PlayStation 4. It seems that one publisher in particular is ahead of the curve, however, as this EA Sports UFC video has this editor flabbergasted. There are scenes in the footage embedded below that could pass for real life.

Now, we’ll openly admit that it’s not all amazing. The announcer, for example, doesn’t look especially impressive. Alas, when the two fighters are squaring up before the fight begins, we’d argue that it’s within touching distance of photo realism. The combat is slightly less convincing due to the odd awkward animation, but it still looks great.

It’s just a shame that this particular author knows next to nothing about the sport being depicted. We’ve got our fingers crossed that there’s a new Fight Night right around the corner...

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