Everyone's having a go these days

It's been a month since our first Kickstarter round-up, which was met with many triumphs and failures. For those that missed it, reader favourite Hover: Revolt of Gamers smashed all of its initial stretch goals with a day to spare. However, second horse running Cult County fell at the first hurdle, missing its expected goal by a landslide.

Cold War 2

Cold War 2

PS Vita included in base goal | Approximately $250 of $25,000 | 19 days to go

Programmed by three guys in a sauna, and fuelled entirely by vodka – check the video – this real-time strategy game's take on a potential second Cold War opts for a comedic route to destruction. With a glass full of custom characters and a tongue-in-cheek approach to everything including the weapons, this may the entire office's funny bones.

Chances of success: Unsure. If given the spotlight, this may succeed – otherwise it may just pass out drunk on the floor instead.



PS4 included in $140,000 stretch goal | Approximately $82,000 of $100,000 | 17 days to go

In a world once united but torn apart by war, this RPG adventure begins when two cute furry humanoids, known as Waki, find themselves winding up in the wrong neighbourhood. Getting dragged into events that could change the course of the world – as you do – they find themselves battling monsters to set events on the right path. With a quest system that allows you to choose how to resolve your problems, your actions may make citizens view you in a different light.

Chances of success: Unsure. With 17 days left to go, the PS4 goal seems achievable – especially if a certain corner of the Internet discovers its existence.

Luna's Tale

Luna's Tale: Curse of the Forgotten Doll

PS3 stretch goal at $70,000 | Approximately $3,500 of $35,000 | 16 days to go

This 2D side-scrolling platformer stars Luna, a young woman dragged into an imaginary world that reflects the scenarios children create when playing with toys. With a toy box of levels and enemies reminiscent of platformers from the 90s, we're thankful that the studio took inspiration from its own childhood – or it may have ended up with a game of Plants vs. Zombies re-enacted by Skylanders figurines.

Chances of success: Low. Currently, it looks like it'll struggle to make its base goal, let alone its stretch goal.

Loading Human

Loading Human

PS4 included in base goal | Approximately $28,000 of $30,000 | 14 days to go

Loading Human takes the classic point and click genre and upgrades it to the next generation with the help of Project Morpheus. Delving into the eyes and mind of Prometheus, you witness fragments of his memories that connect to his ambiguous mission to retrieve a dark energy source discovered in the Eagle Nebula.

Chances of success: Very high. The final total will be hit, but the question is how many stretch goals will be smashed thereafter.

Red Goddess

Red Goddess: Inner World

PS4 included in base goal | Approximately $30,000 of $30,000 | 15 days to go

This Metroidvania-style sidescroller places us in the mind of the Goddess Divine – quite literally. Plagued by a mysterious force tearing her up inside, she finds herself in the world of her subconscious, battling the foreign being that's destroying her true self. While flipping between your two forms of rage and fear, both work hand-in-hand to solve puzzles that even require controlling the enemies themselves. While defeating foes and purging the land, make sure not to draw too much attention, as this is one planet that doesn't respond well to intruders.

Chances of success: Completed. Our eyes are now on the stretch goals.



PS4 and PS3 included in base goal | Approximately $650,000 of $775,000 | 45 hours to go

Rock Band developer Harmonix is aiming to return to the franchise that started it all: Amplitude. This futuristic rhythm game sees players switching lanes to create killer tunes. With updated visuals and a new soundtrack, fans will no longer need to be fuelled by nostalgia alone

Chances of success: Unsure. While its high funding goal was scoffed at in the early stages of the campaign, it's now pretty close to the finish line. Still, that's a lot of cash to make in two days.


Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth

PS Vita included in $40,000 stretch goal | Approximately $47,000 of $32,000 | 25 hours to go

This visual novel hybrid is inspired by the Zero Escape and Ace Attorney games. Protagonist Yu loses his sister after springing a deadly trap during a childish treasure hunt. Years later, he sets out with his friends again to discover a legendary computer system that can create anything from the past. This black sheep with its mature designs, bleak environments, and gruesome scenes, is currently a rather rare breed – especially for the Vita.

Chances of success: Completed. Success and with time to spare, though we'd love to see this hit its voiced stretch goal.

Which of these projects have inspired you to stump up some cash? Are you biting your nails frantically as your chosen project sprints to the finish line? Let us know in the comments section below.

Which of the following Kickstarter projects most interests you? (12 votes)

  1. Amplitude58%
  2. Cold War 2  0%
  3. Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth33%
  4. Loading Human8%
  5. Luna's Tale: Curse of the Forgotten Doll  0%
  6. Red Goddess: Inner World  0%
  7. Shiness  0%

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