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Crowdfunding website Kickstarter is almost certainly the only location where your laundry simulation game will make you an overnight millionaire. However, with the money lending destination’s games section looking a lot like an ant’s nest of console, computer, and mobile ventures, it can be difficult to discover new projects targeted at Sony’s suite of systems. Fortunately, we’ve got your back, and have rounded up all of the potential applicants, allowing you to spend more of your time dreaming up ideas for your own campaign – like an ironing stretch goal.

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Hover: Revolt of Gamers

PS4 included in base goal | Approximately $41,794 of $38,000 | 27 days to go

This open world parkour adventure by Fusty Game places you in the shoes of a mercenary group who are battling against the government in a world where video games are banned. There’s no violence allowed, though, as you don your skates to save citizens in this Jet Set Radio-inspired title.

Chances of success: Completed. With the game almost funded, the real question is how many stretch goals it will hit.

Kick 3


PS4, PS3, Vita included in base goal | Approximately $1,875 of $40,000 raised | 27 days to go

This underwater brawler by Decoy Games sees four players battling co-operatively against numerous sea creatures. Each player has different special moves that they can unleash by themselves or together in order to power them up further. You can try out a Windows demo before backing, although those afraid of the whale scene in Pinocchio should probably steer clear.

Chances of success: Unsure. It’s still early days, but interest seems low right now.

Kick 4


PS4, Vita included in base goal | Approximately $5,935 of $25,000 raised | 22 days to go

Is it a tank? Is it a robot samurai? Thankfully it’s both in this endless, arcade-style action game created by Spark Plug Games. Nearing the end of production with an anticipated launch in July, this title dreams of one last push before its big day. Baring it all in photos and gameplay footage, you know exactly what you’re getting for your money here.

Chances of success: High. While it still has a way to go before it reaches its goal, we can see this nearly completed game receiving the touch up that it craves.

Kick 5

Heart Forth, Alicia

PS4 included in stretch goal | Approximately $133,065 of $60,000 raised | 21 days to go

This classic Metroidvania-style title by Alonso Martin follows the last two wizards of a cursed village, as they undergo their coming of age trial. Everything goes horribly wrong for the kids, though, as the plot takes a darker turn. With a heavy focus on story, this release promises a perfect marriage between plot and classic gameplay.

Chances of success: Completed. A Vita stretch goal at $165,000 is likely as well.

Kick 6


PS4 included in base goal | Approximately $11,542 of $50,000 raised | 17 days to go

A visually stunning action game by Fenix Fire follows a firefly as it desperately fights against the source of the darkness consuming its world. By flying around, solving puzzles, and battling giant spiders, the title’s silent protagonist must try to understand the world around him in order to survive.

Chances of success: Unsure. With a low base goal, this underdog may still stand a chance of success yet.

Kick 7

Pixel Noir

PS4, Vita included in base goal | Approximately $20,937 of $97,000 raised | 16 days to go

This film noir styled role-playing game by SDWTech Games sees an ex-police detective trying to solve a mystery that caused him to lose his job, partner, and mind. We aren’t sure why he blew up a hospital full of innocent people, but neither is he – fund this so we can get the answer, yeah?

Chances of success: Unsure. With a long way to go, this case may yet go unsolved.

Kick 8

Outcast Reboot HD

PS4 included in stretch goal | Approximately $227,583 of $600,000 raised | 12 days to go

A high-definition reboot of the original 1999 PC game Outcast, this open world exploration title sees a team of scientists and a U.S. Army SEAL visit an alien world in order to recover a damaged probe. If they don’t succeed, the Earth will be destroyed by a Black Hole. Pretty high stakes, then, huh?

Chances of success: Very low. With the PS4 stretch goal at $1,350,000, there’s more chance of us being eaten by dinosaurs.

Kick 9

Flying Hamster 2

PS4, Vita included in stretch goal | Approximately $32,706 of $150,000 raised | 9 days to go

This side-scrolling action role-playing game by The Game Atelier is a direct sequel to the popular PlayStation Network release Flying Hamster. After eating the golden seed in the first game, our fuzzy friend gets transformed into a pig, and loses his ability to wear clothes and fly. He now battles just about everything from penguins to dragons in his quest to find the legendary seeds needed to remove his curse.

Chances of success: Very low. The game needs to raise $180,000 to hit the Vita, which is sadly looking unlikely at this point in time.

Kick 10

Cult County

PS4, PS3, Vita included in base goal | Approximately $43,314 of $580,000 raised | 7 days to go

This survival horror title by developers Renegade Kid revisits the studio’s roots in an episodic format. You’ll explore your hometown as it’s hit by a sandstorm. However, when your sister mysteriously disappears and you seek help from local residents, it seems that there’s something darker going on in this settlement.

Chances of success: Very low. This one will need the help of someone with a big bank balance.

Have any of these projects taken your fancy? Are you planning to invest in any of these titles? Let us know in the comments section below.

Which of the following Kickstarter projects most interests you? (22 votes)

  1. Hover: Revolt of Gamers27%
  2. SwimSanity  0%
  3. Mechrunner14%
  4. Heart Forth, Alicia9%
  5. Source9%
  6. Pixel Noir14%
  7. Outcast Reboot HD9%
  8. Flying Hamster 2  0%
  9. Cult County18%

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