Longest. Console. Cycle. Ever.

We always knew that Sony was a forward thinking company, but this is getting ridiculous. Big wigs Andrew House and Mark Cerny will both take to the stage at this year's Develop conference to deliver a keynote on the history and future of the PlayStation brand. Titled '20 years of PlayStation, 40 years of Console Games, and 100 Years to Come', the talk will also focus on the ways in which the Japanese giant helped to make video games the absurdly popular medium that they are today.

"It's hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the arrival of the first PlayStation," House said in a statement regarding the keynote. "Mark Cerny and I will look back over this fantastic period in which console gaming became mainstream, how our experiences shaped PlayStation 4, and where the industry will go from here."

Affable system architect Mark Cerny will also be receiving a 'Development Legend Award' at the conference for his outstanding contributions to the world of interactivity. If we weren't so busy writing this story, we would probably be shedding a solitary tear right now. Instead, we're shuddering at the thought of slaving over a keyboard for the next century.

Will you be tuning in for the firm's official nostalgia session, or are you more concerned with what the immediate future will bring? Reminisce on 20 years of PlayStation goodness in the comments section below.

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