Call for backup

While most games can travel West without being lost in translation, others can lose some of their innate charm. God Eater 2, which released last year in Japan for the PlayStation Vita, is one such game that's suffering from similar cultural setbacks as its predecessor. Equipped with a quick and easy local multiplayer mode intended to spice up an otherwise boring commute, the experience doesn't translate well in countries where it's a struggle to find another handheld owner, let alone four people up for a quick game on the bus. However, this may be changing in the near future, with the inclusion of an option to go online in an upcoming patch that's due out at the end of May.

With titles such as Soul Sacrifice and Toukiden already sewing the seeds for other games in the genre to bloom, they've definitely proven that there's a Western market for similar releases. While this doesn't guarantee that we'll be seeing an overseas launch, it definitely makes it more plausible. Does online multiplayer affect your buying habits, or do you prefer to fly solo? Leave you preferences in the comments section below.