Killzone Shadow Fall Jet Pack

Killzone: Shadow Fall may have a narrative about as engaging as an amateur sci-fi epic conceived on the back of a Starbucks napkin, but its multiplayer remains a real underrated asset. And, as promised yesterday, developer Guerrilla Games is gearing up for a big announcement regarding the online component later this week. We already know that this reveal will probably entail some kind of co-op mode, but now the studio has hinted that jet packs could be on the way as well.

Posting on Twitter overnight, the studio wrote: “We are ready, how about you?” It included the hashtags ‘Killzone’, ‘Something New’, and ‘Jet Pack’, while also attaching a short Vine video of what appears to be one of the aerial accessories from Killzone 3. A sane person would assume that the rocket propelled peripherals are set to soar into the next-gen release as part of the game’s latest premium add-on pack.

The post-release support for the first-person shooter has actually been somewhat unprecedented, with the studio working tirelessly to patch connectivity issues, bundle in new features, and even create free map packs. The big question is: are you still playing the exclusive, or have you moved on to other games? Blast off in the comments section below.