Killzone: Shadow Fall

First-party outfit Guerrilla Games is one of the most fascinating studios in the industry at the minute. While its PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall was flawed in places, the Dutch developer’s earnest approach to responding to community queries has been nothing short of staggering over the past four or five months. Even now, it’s continuing to outline its process towards eradicating online lag – which will be furthered by an upcoming patch.

The title’s most recent update increased the time that the game takes to search for a multiplayer match in your region, meaning that there’s an above 90 per cent chance that you’ll be playing with suitable opponents. The company's also installed new servers around the United States in an attempt to dramatically reduce the number of ‘lag kills’ that occur in the game. You can devour the full technical details through here.

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However, it’s not stopping there. The steadfast firm’s working on adding a ‘Connection’ tab to the first-person shooter’s settings, which will allow you to decipher whether you’re the cause of the odd connection hiccup, or if your peers are to blame. Assuming that your broadband is funky-dory, the developer’s adding in a matchmaking feature that will pair you with people of a similar quality line, meaning that you should be able to avoid those with lesser speeds.

It’s also working on new technology that will attempt to match you with people that share your region after every round, meaning that you may only be stuck in a poor quality match for ten minutes or so. And, of course, it’s continuing to add new servers around the globe, in order to ensure that everyone can enjoy a decent experience. How’s that for post-release support? Show your appreciation in the comments section below.