Amplitude PS4

We sincerely hope that Rock Band developer Harmonix is considering remixing B*Witched’s classic Rollercoaster for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 exclusive Amplitude HD, because the title’s gone through a few emotional corkscrews over the past couple of weeks. Alas, after looking dead and buried around two days ago, the title has managed to raise an impressive $400,000 in approximately 48 hours – enough to put it past its $775,000 target.

In fact, at the time of typing – with still 11 hours to go – the title has attained $809,000. The developer’s added a token stretch goal for online multiplayer, but it seems unlikely that it will hit the $1,125,000 required to make that a reality. Still, as big fans of the original game, we’re just happy to see the pseudo reboot get made. A lot of the success can be attributed to Insomniac Games’ pledge of $7,500, which put the release back in the spotlight.

Were you one of the project’s backers? Are you looking forward to this audio visual feast? Switch lanes in the comments section below.