How could you not want this?

Insomniac Games may have temporarily switched system allegiances, but that doesn’t mean that it’s done with PlayStation entirely. Writing on its official blog, the developer has issued a rallying cry to its fans, encouraging them to give Harmonix’s flagging Kickstarter campaign one final push. Regular readers will remember that the developer is aiming to raise $775,000 in order to bring PlayStation 2 classic Amplitude back on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

While the funding initiative is actually going well, the short campaign duration and high target means that it’s likely to fall short of its goal. At the time of typing, the company’s accrued a respectable $436,419, but it needs to almost double that in the three or so days remaining to hit its target.

Thank heavens for Insomniac Games’ gaffer Ted Price, then, as he’s contributed $7,500 to the cause. “We are big fans of both Harmonix and Amplitude, and we want to see Amplitude HD,” he beamed. “We hope that if you liked Amplitude or Frequency, or just love great music games in general, you'll consider pledging, too.”

The contribution will allow the executive to put his own song in the game should it get made. Fortunately, as points out, the Ratchet & Clank maker actually has a killer track in the guise of Crazy Ride, a promotional tune released to celebrate the firm’s 20th anniversary. We’ve embedded that below, purely because it’s entertaining seeing Ted Price dance around with a wig on his head.

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