Bound by Flame Boss

Hot off the heels of the game's first PlayStation 4 trailer which landed at the beginning of the week, Bound by Flame's newest video showcases a little more than just its action packed combat.

It's only a short glimpse into what's supposedly a hefty slice of next-gen RPG goodness, but there's still plenty to feast your eyes upon here. We get a closer look at the core fighting mechanics, as well as a few little snippets of information regarding the title's companion system. We already know that you'll be able to forge steamy relationships with your allies if you wish, but your fellow warriors have more to them than that. Taking them into battle, you'll be able to form effective partnerships as you chop and change combat styles in order to gel better with your comrade's own techniques. It's probably a good job that you've got some help, too, as the enemies certainly don't look like pushovers.

Scorching Sony's newest console next month, we're hoping that Bound by Flame manages to provide a warm start to Summer. Are you starting to get hot under the collar? Strip down in the comments section below.