Not so long ago, very little was known about Bound by Flame. It came like a comet, showcased by a thrilling trailer and a subsequent smattering of equally impressive screenshots, but then appeared to retreat into the shadows like a beast of folklore, only spoken of in hushed tones around midnight campfires.

That is, until last month, when Focus Home Interactive and Spiders Studio announced a 9th May release date for the forthcoming fantasy RPG. Now, the developer has released a new combat trailer – the first to exhibit PlayStation 4 gameplay – which suggests that the game could well be more than just a stopgap between now and next year's much anticipated The Witcher 3.

"Today, we decided that we’d focus a little more on the game’s combat and show off some PS4 footage for the first time," said project manager Walid Miled on the PlayStation Blog. "In Bound by Flame, the combat system lets you instantly switch between three stances – Fighter, Ranger, and Pyromancer – allowing you to adapt to the enemy that you’re facing on the fly. We also showcase some of the creatures that you’ll be fighting. There’s a lot of them out there, and each has its own characteristics and tendencies in combat."

The trailer below shows off some sophisticated swordplay, two-handed hammering, and – as the protagonist is possessed by a flame demon – some scalding sorcery. Take your pick.