Get Even

It’s been a while since we heard, well, anything about Painkiller creator The Farm 51’s purportedly photorealistic first-person shooter Get Even. However, it seems that the announcement of Project Morpheus has proved too exciting for the Polish studio to ignore, as it’s stepped out of its alternate reality in order to confirm that its impending escapade will support the PlayStation 4 peripheral.

“At The Farm 51, we think of a video game world as an alternate reality, not that of an interactive movie,” explained lead designer Wojtek Pazdur. “The exciting opportunities offered by virtual reality and developments in that sector offer a huge benefit to a game aimed to be as immersive as ours. Get Even has the potential to support the VR concept like no other title.”

While the above quote stinks of marketing speak, the developer may be onto something. Its title takes place within the memories of its heroes, where your actions throughout the adventure will shape their personalities. Even more intriguingly, it’ll supposedly blur the lines between single player and multiplayer, meaning that you may come up against human opponents without ever realising it.

And if all of that’s not enough for you to wrap your head around, try to decipher the following conundrum: “What would happen if you could travel between different virtual realities, starting outside the game using a device like Project Morpheus, before going deeper and deeper inside the game using similar in-game gadgets?” Our brain aches more than after ten minutes using the Oculus Rift.