Bound by Flame 1

We're daring to hope that upcoming action RPG Bound by Flame will be the PlayStation 4's first suitably epic fantasy adventure after the game's most recent trailer. With the title set to launch in under a month's time, developer Spiders Studio has released a handful of screenshots that showcase the game's deep player customisation.

As you'd expect, you'll be able to choose your character's gender and ethnicity, as well as their facial features and hairstyle, but because they're possessed by a fiery demon, your choices throughout the journey will also alter their appearance further. Give into the entity's demonic presence and your avatar will soon be sprouting horns and a rather grizzled forehead. Regardless of the moral dilemmas that you're forced to tackle, though, there are clearly plenty of options when it comes to creating your ideal warrior. Take a peek at the varied screenshots that we've embedded, and let us know if you want glowing red eyes in the comments section below.