Killzone: Shadow Fall

It may have had a weaker plot than your favourite daytime soap opera, but Killzone: Shadow Fall was a storming success from an online multiplayer perspective. As such, we’re seriously looking forward to trying out the title’s first premium care package, which is out now in North America and later today in Europe.

Creatively dubbed the Insurgent Pack, the add-on includes an all new class named the, er, Insurgent, who specialises in hacking and stealing. To combat this new player type, the DLC also adds three new abilities to each of the title’s existing classes, including the E-Pulse Emitter, Tactical Echo Emitter, and Guard Drone. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get three snazzy new weapons, including the legendary M82.

In addition to the armoury increase, the substantial upgrade will also power up the single player campaign with a new difficulty tier, as well as add collectibles to the online game. And, of course, there’ll be new Trophies, spotlight moves, OWL skins, and voice packs for you to collect and use. That’s a pretty hearty helping of extras.

If you’re already a Season Pass subscriber, you won’t have to pay a penny to access the add-on. Everyone else will have to stump £7.99/$9.99 to grab the goodie bag. Are you in the market for more Killzone: Shadow Fall content, or do you think that this pack sounds Helghastly? Gun us down in the comments section below.

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