Zrun Screen007

Ever since Ready to Run developer Beatshapers' PlayStation Vita endless runner Z-Run passed its expected summer release date last year, we've been in the dark regarding the zombie slaying adventure. Now, almost a year later, the title has been given a complete overhaul, and looks like something that we're willing to sink our teeth into.

In the video below showcasing the title's tutorial level, one noticeable improvement can be spotted in the actions of the undead. While in the title's previous incarnation they were nothing but wobbling punching bags, now they are more than eager to nibble on your brains. To spice things up, the inclusion of unique adversaries is teased by the inclusion of a large corpse that can't be knocked over. The new theme song also gets a thumbs up, with a more adrenaline filled rock track to help get your blood pumping. Along with changes to the interface, the game has received that much needed layer of polish that it lacked last year, and could now become a Vita essential.

Set to release in May, we hope that there won't be disappointment again. Are you willing to let this title infect your handheld? Leave your survival tips in the comments section below.

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