You’re surely not tired of zombies, are you? StarDrone: Extreme developer Beatshapers hopes to revisit a post-apocalyptic backdrop one more time with ZRun, a PlayStation Vita brawler that combines Canabalt with Streets of Rage. The game puts you in the Hi-Tops of a vacationing college student who’s tasked with escaping from the undead by jogging for his life.

Levels are divided up into alleys and junctions, with hordes of corpses and obstacles impeding your progress. You’ll need to pick off the death deferrers with baseball bats, guns, and, er, guitars, all while jumping over and sliding under obstacles. Finish the missions and you’ll earn cash, which will allow you to customise your character and upgrade your abilities.

There’s a trailer embedded below which shows the action in all of its puff-inducing glory. We like the concept, but we can’t help but feel that the speed of the gameplay is a little laboured. Let’s hope that later levels put the title's pace more in line with Jessica Ennis than Dot Cotton. The game’s due out this summer. Beatshapers is also working on a PlayStation 4 exclusive that’s yet to be announced.

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