Bound by Flame

Upcoming gothic action RPG Bound by Flame will be leaving its mark on both PS3 and PS4 on May 9th, the game's official website has revealed. Just in time for what will hopefully be a scorching hot summer, then?

Developed by Spiders Studio, the cross-gen title will feature a host of traditional RPG mechanics as well as action packed combat, moral choices, and romance. The release's deep crafting system was also detailed last week over on the PlayStation Blog, which sees you gathering materials from fallen enemies and the environment, and then combining them to create new equipment, items, or even traps. You'll also be able to specialise in the practice, and by doing so will unsurprisingly lead to better quality products. Are you busy tempering your blade in preparation for the game's launch? Tell us all about your possessive demons in the comments section below.

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