The share button is undoubtedly one of the PlayStation 4’s most important features. Sony’s taken to advertising the social addition heavily on television in recent months, and it’s also committed to a complete overhaul of the functionality as part of the next-gen console’s upcoming v1.70 firmware update. And on that note, speculation suggests that it may have brought its Sony Vegas Pro team on board to provide support.

Last month, the firm said that the latest version of the device’s system software would incorporate a brand new video editor tool, allowing you to personalise your clips before uploading them. While it didn’t provide any additional information, we hypothesised that titles, filters, and potentially transitions were likely. And according to one trusted forum poster, the platform holder has turned to the folks behind the company’s signature video editing suite to help it to develop the feature.

The source is, admittedly, a little shaky, but it makes sense. Sony Vegas Pro is widely regarded as one of the better movie making packages available, so putting some of that functionality in the PS4 could really expand the creative possibilities of the platform. The big question is: do you even use the share button, and would you be willing to mess around with transitions and more to produce the perfect clip? Export your thoughts in the comments section below.

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