The bling ring

Some may argue that you deserve a Platinum Trophy for sitting through PlayStation Home’s protracted patching procedure, but the virtual world will sadly lack the most prestigious of pots. As previously teased, a brand new update for Sony’s online service has deployed today, and it includes 13 tasty trinkets for your avatar to unlock.

In truth, these are some of the easiest awards that you’ll ever earn, as you’ll merely need to log in to the service to grab your first gong. Unsurprisingly, performing dance moves and visiting your Harbour Studio apartment will bag you a few more Bronze badges, while dropping into 20 different spaces will net you another.

The most difficult distinction will honour you for logging in to the service on 50 different days, which is going to require some serious mental fortitude. Do you think that you’ve got the patience to sit through the online platform’s prolonged loading screens for almost two months? Demonstrate your record breaking endurance levels in the comments section below.