inFAMOUS: Second Son

Just like Killzone: Shadow Fall before it, inFAMOUS: Second Son represents a new start for Sucker Punch’s superhero series. However, just because it’s moving to a fresh location and introducing a new protagonist in the process, that doesn’t mean that you should erase the events of the previous instalments from your memory. After all, we’ve already caught a glimpse of previous hero Cole MacGrath’s new electronics shop in downtown Seattle – and now Sony has shared a few more details on the title’s upcoming ‘Cole’s Legacy’ expansion pack.

Available for free with a pre-order in North America and as part of a Special Edition bundle in Europe, this content promises to take you and new lead Delsin Rowe on a journey that will provide you with “unique insight into how the world of [the sequel] came to be”. According to product manager Nathalia Chubin, the bonus storyline will outline how proceedings in New Marais “set in motion a chain of events leading to the now forceful occupation of Seattle by the oppressive Department of Unified Protection”.

If you’re planning to purchase the title digitally in Europe, you’ll have two options available. One will come with the vanilla game, while the second will include the abovementioned expansion and a series of exclusive jackets for the streetwise star to wear. It’s also worth noting that you’ll unlock a top inspired by the previous protagonist if you beat all of the missions included as part of the add-on pack. The platform holder’s yet to announce how much extra you’ll need to pay for these goodies, but we’re hopeful that they won’t break the bank.

Are you willing to pay more to bridge the gap between inFAMOUS’ two most recent mainline escapades, or do you think that this kind of practice needs burning like an oppressive government organisation? Drain our powers in the comments section below.