Kingdom Hearts III

Despite being dormant for a little while on home consoles, Kingdom Hearts III is set to plot the return of Square Enix’s twee Disney and JRPG mash-up on the PlayStation 4. However, with no firm timeframe attached to the title, the Japanese publisher is taking the opportunity to poll fans on their thoughts on the franchise. And if you have particularly strong opinions on the series, you can share your feelings through here.

The official survey includes a number of obvious questions such as which systems you own, but it also delves into some serious nitty-gritty, asking what sort of items you’d like to see in a hypothetical collector’s edition and which is your favourite entry in the series. Don’t spend too long on that last one, as it’s clearly Kingdom Hearts II. The questionnaire goes on to ask about your favourite TV shows and music artists, which is seemingly redundant information that a marketing department will no doubt find a use for.

Exactly why the publisher is running the study at all is unclear, but we’re secretly hopeful that it’s preparing for some imminent announcements regarding the next-gen instalment in the series. As already alluded, the PS4 sequel doesn’t have a release window attached to it, but director Tetsuya Nomura indicated late last year that the team’s working hard so that you will get to play it sooner. Fingers crossed for 2018, then?

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