Man in white

Watch Dogs is coming to a slew of different systems, but Sony really wants you to play it on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3. Not content with spotlighting the sandbox title in its various next-gen commercials, the platform holder has also collaborated with publisher Ubisoft to create a bunch of exclusive content that you’ll only find in the PlayStation versions of the game.

Assuming that you play on one of the above appliances, you’ll be granted the key code to an hour’s worth of additional content, which will delve a little deeper into the world of underground hacker organisation DedSec. Other bonuses include an extra douchey costume and a bonus in-game boost, which will provide you with an additional battery slot on your supercharged smartphone.

The game itself definitely looks much better in this trailer than in its recent re-reveal. Has your excitement for the open world escapade been boosted by this clip, or are you continuing to lose connection with the release? Drop us a line in the comments section below.