It's still a little hard to believe that we'll be getting a next-gen Metal Gear Solid game so early in the PlayStation 4's lifecycle. Some have compared the purportedly paltry prologue to the Tanker mission from the second game in the franchise, but that certainly isn't stopping us from getting more excited than is appropriate for cultured adults.

It certainly doesn't help that series director Hideo Kojima has been filling his Twitter feed with an inordinate number of hints and teases. And now it seems that Konami is taking the same torturous tact, releasing a slew of screenshots that show off the incoming stealth-'em-up in stunning 1080p. A few of the pictures focus on the PS4 exclusive Deja Vu mission, including one that features everyone's favourite mind reader Psycho Mantis, who will presumably be making a return in the retro romp.

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Are you looking forward to the next generation of tactical espionage action, or is the short running time turning you off? Hide in a box in the comments section below.

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