You may have noticed that Metal Gear Solid series director Hideo Kojima has recently been talking up an exclusive partnership between Sony and Konami that will apparently facilitate an entire menagerie of stealthy promotional tie-ins. We've already seen the slightly dull limited edition PlayStation 4 console bearing the iconic Foxhound logo, and it seems that the luminary is ready to reveal the newest piece of swag.

Behold, the officially licensed Solid Snake shopping bag. Yes, you read that correctly, the next generation of video game collectibles seems set to include such a mundane item. And no, it's not a tote bag or some other type of reusable shopping apparatus – it's just a paper bag that Japanese fans will receive if they purchase a copy of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes with their new console.

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The franchise's mastermind seems to be pretty excited about the item, as he's eagerly tweeted out the above picture in the hopes of getting some hype rolling. In truth, while this may be one of the silliest promotional tie-ins that we've ever seen, that certainly isn't stopping the Metal Gear fan in us from lusting after the trivial tat with voracious glee.

Are you a big enough devotee to import something like this? Do you think that Hideo Kojima's got it in the bag? Say something about it being a slow news day in the comments section below.