PlayStation 4

Sony rarely skips an opportunity to make a splash, so it’s unsurprising that it’s gearing up for a big showing at the Game Developers Conference later this month. Speculation suggests that the platform holder will use the industry focused event to announce its rumoured PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset, and there’s a chance that support engineer Chris Norden may get the honours.

On 19th March, the manufacturer is set to host a two hour session focused on outlining the “new and exciting features” enabled by the next generation machine. “This presentation will explore the technical capabilities and new features of the PS4′s new input devices,” the blurb reads. “We will discuss the DualShock 4 controller, PlayStation Eye camera, PlayStation Move, PlayStation Mobile app, and the new interactive services available during live gameplay streaming.”

There’s no mention of any Oculus Rift-esque peripherals in the documentation, but seeing as the add-on’s still technically a rumour at the time of typing, that’s to be expected. Still, if the optional hardware does put in an appearance at the North American show, expect it to feature at some point during Norden’s presentation. There’s not long to wait until we’ll know for sure.

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