PlayStation Store

Sony’s suite of systems should come with a health warning for jittery types like this nail-biting editor. Not content with keeping us up at night due to that dreadfully inconsistent new PlayStation 3 box design, the company has now utterly destroyed our usual routine by delaying the North American PlayStation Store update by quite a significant period. This doesn’t sit well with us.

The online plaza was set to refresh yesterday in the Land of the Free, but the platform holder quickly took to Twitter to reveal that it was having difficulties. “[The] PlayStation Store update will be coming a few hours late today,” it explained, while no doubt casually fanning the smoke away from a nearby decommissioned server. “We'll keep you posted – apologies for the delay.”

Unfortunately for fans of Dark Souls II, the update is more than a little late. Four hours ago, the manufacturer revealed that it’s now targeting a Wednesday refresh. While this is obviously frustrating, we’re impressed with the organisation’s constant correspondence. Still, are you fighting withdrawal symptoms while you wait to peruse the PlayStation Store’s latest stash of goodies? Rock back and forth in the comments section below.

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