PlayStation 3
New look

If you’re anything like this obsessive compulsive editor, you’ll despise the sight of your PlayStation 3 games collection. While we’ve no doubt that there are some impressive titles sitting on your shelf, we’d hazard that there’s very little consistency between the spines of your favourite software. That’s because Sony can’t seem to settle on a single box design for the system, and with the PlayStation 4 and Vita adopting blue banners, it looks like it’s planning to change the layout again.

The ever observant reporters over at IGN spotted that the cover for Tecmo Koei's upcoming kill-‘em-up Deception IV: Blood Ties has slaughtered the traditional black and red header, replacing it with a blue and white one similar to the manufacturer’s latest set of systems. For those not keeping count, this is the platform’s third major branding overhaul, with the original cases boasting the format's infamous Spider-Man font written vertically down each box’s left-hand side.

While we’re actually of the opinion that the new layout looks pretty good, we're not entirely sure why the manufacturer’s bothering to change it at this late stage. Sure, it creates consistency between the consoles, but with the PS3 slowly starting to taper out, this is only going to culminate in frustratingly cluttered collections. Are you seething at the sight of this new cover design? Scream and shout in the comments section below.

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