Spirited away

The world of free-to-play gaming may be fraught with danger, but social RPG Destiny of Spirits looks like it could potentially be a diamond in an ocean of zircons. Set to burst onto the Vita on 25th March in North America and 26th March in Europe, the game features a system in which you trade and collect a team of monsters through the magic of the Internet. The catch, however, is that the beasts are region specific, necessitating an unprecedented level of intercontinental cooperation.

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Obviously the title will include microtransactions, but the novelty of the concept alone is definitely grabbing our attention. With that said, developer Q Entertainment does have a knack for absurdly addictive puzzlers, so perhaps giving them the keys to your credit card isn't such a great idea. Will you be taking Destiny of Spirits for a spin, or does free-to-play give you the willies? Fulfil your destiny in the comments section below.

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