"Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAAKE!"

If you've ever wanted to make music, but lack the requisite skills, perhaps relaxation sim Hohokum will be a suitable outlet for your melodic mind. Set to release sometime later in the year, this indie title sees you controlling a large snake being ridden by a menagerie of musical monsters. The game's soundtrack changes dynamically as you slither about and explore its various open worlds.

In an attempt to drum up some interest in the upcoming title, developer Honeyslug has released this gorgeous trailer showing off a funfair inspired level. Replete with bright colours, simple geometric graphics, and marvellous music, you'd be forgiven for making comparisons to cult classic LocoRoco. Are you getting inordinately excited for this bizarre release, or are you too distracted by the relaxing beauty of it all? Slither around in the comments section below.

[source blog.us.playstation.com]