Hohokum 2

Sony Santa Monica may be best known for the God of War games, but the studio has also played a pivotal role in some of PlayStation’s biggest indie hits. For those out of the loop, the company helped thatgamecompany realise its vision for Journey, and it even set aside floor space for Giant Sparrow to finish off The Unfinished Swan.

For its next endeavour, though, the firm is partnering with artist Richard Hogg and British outfit Honeyslug, the team probably best known for the madcap mini-game compilation Frobisher Says. The title it’s collaborating on is Hohokum, a “whimsical colourful game with an emphasis on playful exploration and creativity”.

The sandbox adventure – which was a finalist at 2011’s Independent Games Festival – puts you in control of a flying snake, which moves around the world in a “kinetic and mesmerising” manner. The title hopes to do away with the “usual pressures” of video games, reducing instructions and fail states to a minimum. Instead, it aims to encourage you to simply wander.

The developer’s promising to show more of the title at E3. Colour us already intrigued.

[source blog.us.playstation.com]