Not conspicuous at all

There’s been some negativity surrounding Ubisoft’s sandbox thriller Watch Dogs of late. While the French publisher tapped into the anticipation of almost every gamer at E3 a couple of years back with the title’s initial reveal, the graphics in the release’s most recent trailer couldn’t compare to that lofty target render.

Perhaps sensing a bit of a backlash, the firm released the embedded Rockstar-esque ‘Welcome to Chicago’ footage late last week, which shows off its open world environment in a much more positive light. And creative director Jonathan Morin has since confirmed that the entire clip was captured using a PlayStation 4 devkit, meaning that it should be indicative of the final product.

While it does look a lot better than the hack happy escapade’s re-reveal video, we can’t help but feel that it seems a little static compared to the original pitch. When the title was first announced, the publisher promised dynamic wind systems and moving foliage, but very little of that is noticeable in this trailer.

Still, the density of non-playable characters does look impressive, and that’s helping to make the urban sandbox feel alive. Our expectations for the adventure may have dipped, but we’re still eager to see how it actually plays. Are you planning to take a break in Chicago? Hack together some text in the comments section below.

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