Arkham Knight

It seems that beloved superhero Batman has some competition. Developer Rocksteady has revealed that the 'Arkham Knight' in its upcoming stealth action title Batman: Arkham Knight is in fact not the caped crusader, but a completely original character called – you guessed it – Arkham Knight. The new man about town was created exclusively for the game in a collaboration between the developer and DC Comics.

"The opportunity is exciting, but the expectation is off the scale," studio producer Dax Ginn said in an interview with VG247. "That’s why working with DC is so awesome for us, because those guys are so experienced, and it’s obviously something that they do a lot of. So when the idea was on the table for us to develop our own character and introduce that into Batman’s world, there was so much energy and excitement around it at Rocksteady."

Intriguingly, this original creation has not only stolen the famous vigilante's name, he's also copied his outfit, as you can see in the screenshots below. We've not seen enough to make any proper judgements about the cretinous creep, but we must admit that the design doesn't exactly set the world on fire. Considering the London-based studio's stellar track record, though, we're prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt. What do you make of this devious design? Would you have preferred the studio to stick purely to canon? Make some incomprehensible grunts in the comments section below.