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While the fighting franchise BlazBlue may be best known for its eye-catching visuals and bizarre combat, it's also renowned for its crazier plot. And thanks to Aksys Games, you'll be able to delve further into this twisted and somewhat confusing world with the prequel, XBlaze Code: Embryo. Set to launch in North America on 24th June for both the PlayStation 3 and Vita, it follows the events 200 years prior to Calamity Trigger, and features an entirely new cast of quirky personalities waiting to be discovered in visual novel form.

Don't be put off by the lack of combat, though, as the story's action will be presented in a more animated manner than is typical for the genre. Furthermore, you'll be able to direct your experience by selecting content from the TOi System, a so-called "information aggregation program used by the characters in the game". Picking different articles will open up alternate plot paths, leading to possible gag endings and more. There's no sign of a European release on the horizon, but crossing your fingers won't hurt. Are you eager to discover the secrets of the past, or are you just looking for a good old scrap? Leave your words of wisdom in the comments section below.

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