Back from the brink

In the midst of all of the Titanfall love, Activision is attempting to spice up Call of Duty: Ghosts with a handful of new item customisation packs. Each add-on includes a decal theme that can be applied to your weapons, player card, reticule, and profile background. As of now, only four of these purrfect packs have been announced, allowing you to deck out your firearms with kittens, ducks, circuits, and for the lovers of corny car paint jobs, flames. They don't add any additional stat boosts to the weapons, but will sure make you look cool.

That's not all, though, as four new multiplayer characters are also on the way. These aren't just any heroes, however, as they are stars from the campaign, marking the first time in the series that single player protagonists have been playable online. And if the Special Ghost Force Members don't get you excited, Captain Price is also set to make a comeback as part of the Legend Pack, which will include his moustachioed model and some more customisable items.

Sadly, while all of this is available right now on the various Xbox platforms, PlayStation players will have to wait for Microsoft's irritating exclusivity window to expire, meaning that the content should arrive on the PlayStation Network sometime in March. That should give you plenty of time to finish your Soap MacTavish fan fiction, right?