Evolution Studios’ ambitious social racer DriveClub was all set to park up alongside the PlayStation 4 last November, but it got pushed back at the very last minute. At the time, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida suggested that the Runcorn-based developer needed a little more time to realise its vision, concluding that it’ll be “worth the wait”. It’s now been a number of months since we last got an update on the title’s status, prompting many to ponder exactly what’s going on with the release. Well, one thread of discussion suggests that the game will take advantage of the platform holder’s heavily rumoured virtual reality headset.

As part of a report published earlier today, CVG pointed out that it’s heard from a developer “familiar with Sony’s plans” that the outfit is busy working with the peripheral in order to simulate a cockpit view in the impending next generation exclusive. The suggestion follows speculation that the manufacture is set to reveal the add-on at the Game Developers Conference next month. Assuming that the conjecture is correct, it seems likely that the abovementioned game will put in a return appearance alongside the hypothetical hardware itself. Of course, it’s always best to take this type of chit-chat with a hearty helping of salt.

Still, it makes sense for the Japanese giant to push its latest innovation alongside a big title, and the former MotorStorm creator’s latest endeavour looks like the perfect fit. Not only has the release's first-person viewpoint formed a fundamental part of the racer's marketing, but the studio also plays host to Mick Hocking’s research and development team, which previously spearheaded the firm’s 3D push a few years ago. In fact, back in 2011, the aforesaid executive actually admitted that his employer was experimenting with virtual reality, telling Develop that we’ll see some “very, very immersive experiences on head-mounted displays in gaming in the not too distant future”. Is that day finally upon us?