With thousands of years of literature, poetry, paintings, and plays all boasting humanity’s byline, you could argue that it’s impossible to come up with a truly original idea at this point in time. Sony Santa Monica may be ruing that fact right now, as speculation suggests that Activision’s upcoming first-person blockbuster Destiny may partly be to blame for the cancellation of its rumoured sci-fi epic.

Eager readers will recall mass redundancies being announced at the first-party developer earlier this week, with God of War III director Stig Asmussen’s new PlayStation 4 property reportedly scrapped in the process. With the title supposedly gearing up for an E3 reveal, many have pondered exactly what went wrong with the release – and a new article may have shed some light on that.

According to Australian publication Rocket Chainsaw, the game went under significant changes when Bungie’s abovementioned multiformat affair was revealed, presumably due to similarities to the Halo developer’s game. This move apparently signalled the start of a troubled production period, with the end result being the title’s demise earlier this week.

Of course, one could hypothesise that the Japanese giant may not want another game similar to Destiny in its portfolio. Despite appearing on multiple systems, the shooter is being heavily marketed as a tentpole PS4 title, with Sony showcasing the release at every opportunity possible. A comparable product – especially with a big budget behind it – may not be considered the best use of resources.

However, as already expected, it does mean that Sony Santa Monica’s future seems to rest once again at the feet of Kratos and God of War. Any remaining employees were supposedly switched to Cory Barlog’s upcoming series refresh, which is set to launch on the manufacturer’s new system at some point in the future. This is a move that apparently has left some remaining staff members a little disgruntled.

While you should take all of this with a hearty helping of salt for now, it certainly seems believable, and jives with rumours that we’ve reported on in the past. Assuming that it all turns out to be true, what do you make of this latest turn of events? Should the platform holder have invested more into the sci-fi property, or has it made the right call? Blast off in the comments section below.