The Order: 1886

We’re not sure whether we like Sony’s new secretive strategy. On the one hand, it means that we’re almost guaranteed a big surprise or two over the coming months – but sifting through the throngs of “industry insider” induced scoops is becoming a bit of a chore. Nevertheless, it sounds like the platform holder’s preparing to break its silence on Ready at Dawn’s upcoming alternate history adventure The Order: 1886 – and thus we’ll be hearing a lot more about the PlayStation 4 exclusive soon.

The reports are too spread and elaborate to trace every single one, but speculation suggests that parts of the European press were treated to a behind-the-scenes gameplay demonstration earlier this week. From what we can gather, the embargo lifts on 18th February, with one site already publishing an interview with creative director Ru Weerasuriya. The title’s yet to be shown off in North America, but that’s supposedly set to happen next week.

It sounds like the platform holder’s already got a new trailer ready to publish, too, as images from that leaked out earlier in the month. There’s nothing to get excited about just yet, as these pictures are pretty low quality – but it seems almost certain that the new video will include gameplay footage, seeing as the title is now mere months away from release. In fact, company co-founder Andrea Pessino uploaded a photo overnight showing the studio checking out the latest build of the game.

That’s a lot of words and speculation to say what ultimately amounts to very little, but we guess that the overarching message of this article is simple: be excited. It feels like an eternity since Shuhei Yoshida introduced the debut trailer for the former God of War: Ghost of Sparta developer’s steampunk shooter, so it’s pretty exhilarating to know that we’ll be learning a lot more about it soon. Will you be parking up your horse-drawn carriage ahead of this blowout? Steer a thought into the comments section below.

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