What will he look like next?

It seems like there may yet be hope for a new instalment in the Jak and Daxter franchise. In a recent Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, The Last of Us' game director Bruce Straley was quizzed about the future of the platforming series, and he had some interesting words to share about the property.

Firstly, the executive stated that the types of stories that the developer's interested in telling "just weren't fitting into the Jak universe". Of course, the company famously had a series reboot in the works before it switched to the abovementioned survival horror opus, but Straley admits that it just wasn't working. "Whenever we tried to make a Jak & Daxter story, constrained to what had already been created, those stories were falling flat for us – and the world didn't give us a lot of flexibility," he explained. "Which meant that when we finally got to a story that we actually liked, we weren't actually making Jak & Daxter anymore."

It's not all bad news, though, as the team still hopes to return to the series one day. "The door is never fully shut," the developer concluded. "There's always a possibility." It's not the greatest vote of confidence, but with the right plot, it's possible that we may just see the Dynamic Duo again. Would you be interested in a new title starring the PlayStation 2 icons, or do you feel that there are more interesting stories to be told? Let us know in the comments section below.

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