Deep Down 03

As one of the more interesting upcoming exclusives, the absolutely gorgeous Deep Down is looking better by the minute. However, we're hoping that you weren't planning to take on the free-to-play RPG's labyrinthine corridors as a bonny lass, because producer Kazunori Sugiura has recently revealed in a promotional livestream that the title won't feature playable female characters.

While this is hardly the time or place to be discussing the deeper issues facing the industry, it does strike us as a little odd that Capcom wouldn't include this option in a game from a genre synonymous with fully customisable protagonists. The developer did mention that its reasoning for the omission primarily came down to story elements, so maybe this'll all become clear once we pick up the full release. Or, if we're to be extremely cynical, perhaps the company plans to release a female character in exchange for a small fee somewhere down the line.

The broadcast also revealed a few other interesting tidbits, most notably that the 'Casual' difficulty setting first spotted at the Tokyo Game Show won't be appearing in the full game. Novices need not apply, then. Furthermore, if you're more inclined to indulge in a dash of daring dungeon crawling while in the relative comfort of your bathroom, you're in luck, as the title will fully support PlayStation Vita remote play.

Is the lack of playable female characters a deal breaker for you? Will you be braving Deep Down on the highest possible difficulty? Hack-'n'-slash in the comments section below.