Bringing the thunder down under

With all of this talk of the European PlayStation 4 launch, it's easy to forget that the shiny new console debuted in Australia overnight as well. And it seems that, as has been the trend worldwide, Sony underestimated the huge demand for the machine. SCE Australia managing director Michael Ephraim was shocked at the numbers that he was receiving. "I’ve never seen demand like we are seeing now with the PS4," he said in a statement.

Ephraim makes it clear that the Japanese giant intends to keep Aussie shelves well stocked, but warns that hardware may still be limited. "Even though we are getting more PS4 consoles in before Christmas, our retail partners tell us that they don’t expect many to be left on the shelves by the time that Christmas comes," he continued. “We will continue to supply the demand, starting in January and every subsequent month until we satisfy Australia’s appetite for the PS4. In the meantime, we thank our fans for their patience – we promise that the PS4 is worth the wait.”

Does this news come as a welcome relief to our Australian readers, or are you too busy winning the ashes? Scream and shout in the comments section below.

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