"We are the champions, my friend"

Sony’s next generation wonder box is undoubtedly off to a stellar start, with last night’s NPD sales figures showing that the platform holder may even have managed to turn the tide in North America – the PlayStation 3’s weakest territory. That’s leading many analysts to be optimistic about the PlayStation 4’s future, with industry research group DFC predicting that the system will surpass 100 million units by 2020.

As part of a widespread report – which hints at “major” industry growth this year – the firm suggested that the Japanese giant’s burly black box is poised to narrowly dominate this generation due to its pricing advantage and “strength in Europe”. It added that it believes that the PS4 will become the lead platform of choice for Western and Japanese developers.

However, it doesn’t expect price cuts to come anytime soon. “We modelled price cuts into [our analysis], but we think that they are going to happen fairly slowly and there are likely to be more bundles versus just a straight price cut,” said analyst David Cole. “We think that [the platform holders] will do their best to maintain a solid price point.”

In our opinion, that’s all going to depend on Microsoft. With the Redmond-based manufacturer falling behind in its strongest territories, it may see the need to reduce the price of its hardware soon. Fortunately, the PlayStation maker has indicated that it’s in a position where it can counter any tactical changes by the competition should it need to. It’s going to be a fun six years, folks.

[source gamesindustry.biz, via vg247.com]