inFAMOUS: Secon Son

It’s never easy to wrap your head around a game in a busy showfloor environment. As such, the response to a slew of inFAMOUS: Second Son videos firing out of events such as CES has been tepid at best. Fortunately, we predict that the feedback to this developer helmed demo will be a bit more positive. After all, the game looks absolutely spectacular.

The five minute off-screen clip – captured at the Taipei Game Show – focuses on the same drizzly sequence that we’ve seen before, but this time highlights much more variety in protagonist Delsin Rowe’s moveset. It’s still early in the campaign so we suspect that you’ll unlock plenty more abilities throughout the game, but some of the traversal looks absolutely fantastic regardless.

For starters, one sequence sees the flamboyantly dressed hero using his smoke powers to shoot up a drain pipe and boost through the air, before slamming down on his foes. Later on, the character employs his recently announced neon skills to sprint up a wall and gain a vantage point over his pursuers. It seems that the latter option will augment you with greater precision than its fiery counterpart.

While the developer’s keeping the star’s other powers under wraps for now, this clip should surely put to bed any complaints about the title’s combat looking dull. And even if you never felt that way, we still recommend sitting through the video for a glimpse at some of the outrageous particle effects on display. Are you hyped yet? Tickle us pink in the comments section below.