inFAMOUS: Second Son

Many assumed that the tease at the end of last week’s brand new inFAMOUS: Second Son trailer was pointing to familiar electrical powers, but developer Sucker Punch has clarified that Delsin Rowe will be dabbling with neon. Those of you that have been following the game will know that the new protagonist’s power is actually the ability to, er, absorb other powers, unlocking access to a catalogue of different skills. And according to creative director Nate Fox, these movesets will totally change the game.

“When you’re playing as a neon powered hero, it’s not like playing like a smoke guy,” he said in a video interview with IGN. “The smoke powers are all about speed and getting in and out quickly, whaling on guys, and zipping up the sides of buildings. But as a neon player, the tempo is different. And what’s cool about this is that the game has these wholesale mode shifts where it’s almost like there’s another game inside the game. Every time that you switch your powers, you have a different way to relate to the architecture around you and enemies – and you have to master that.”

You’ll be able to toggle between powers as you play, unlocking an impressive array of combat options. And according to Fox, this versatility will set it apart from previous entries in the series. “It’s not one origin story where you’re getting used to your smoke powers, but it’s a number of them, as we share what these new powers are and how you play them,” he continued. “It’s really different to the previous inFAMOUS games.”

We’re not entirely sure how neon’s going to work, but we reckon that it’s a perfect fit to push the horsepower of the PlayStation 4. While the smoke certainly looks great, there’s the potential for some ridiculous lighting and particle effects with neon, as evidenced by some of the footage in last week’s behind-the-scenes DualShock 4 video. How do you think that the new powers are going to work? What other abilities would you like to see in the game? Blast your thoughts in the comments section below.