Looking good

It's always a bit concerning when we've only really seen screenshots of a game that's apparently set to release in a few short months, and this is absolutely true of Ready at Dawn's alternate history romp The Order: 1886. The only footage we've glimpsed of the impending shooter is that memorable trailer at E3, and, unfortunately, the California-based developer doesn't appear to be to ready to break this deafening silence any time soon. It has, however, decided to grace us with four tasty screenshots to keep us busy until we get something a bit more substantial.

The images – spotted on Sony Santa Monica's fancy new website – show off a variety of new locales, as well as a veritable menagerie of the title's fascinating weapons. With that said, it's unclear if these screens represent actual gameplay, or if there's some other nefarious force at work. Regardless, the third-person shooter's striking steampunk style is particularly palpable in the pictures, so we don't think that there's any real need to panic. What do you make of these brand new screenshots? Do the PS4 exclusive's visuals have you ready to fawn, or just ready to yawn? Protect the monarchy in the comments section below.

[source sms.playstation.com]