Hip Hip Hirai

If you couldn't get enough of Kaz Hirai's inspiring CES keynote, and you're now starving for more pithy phrases and buzz words, we've got some good news for you. Engadget has posted an interview with the recently appointed president that sheds some light on the history of Sony's newly announced streaming service, PlayStation Now.

Hirai revealed that the company has been considering the possibilities of streaming for quite some time. "PlayStation Now is actually something that we’ve always talked about but were not able to deliver because of network restrictions and latency issues,” he said with well rehearsed panache. It seems that the acquisition of Gaikai allowed the Japanese giant to find an appropriate solution to these problems. "We’ve been working with Gaikai to really deliver a PlayStation experience through the network with the least amount of latency and ease of use," he continued. "What that allows us to do is not only deliver PlayStation content to PS3, PS4, [and] Vita, but down the road it’s going to allow us to provide the same PlayStation service or content to tablets, smartphones – whether they be on Android or on iPad."

What's more, the affable CEO stressed his belief that PlayStation Now will be incredibly beneficial for both consumers and content creators alike. "That really expands the world of PlayStation beyond the PlayStation specific consoles," Hirai stated. "I think it bodes well for PlayStation and the content creators as well. And most definitely for the customers."

You can find the full interview through here. However, the first section consists almost entirely of 4K TV and smartphone nonsense, so you might want to skip ahead a few minutes if you value your sanity. Are you a fan of the newly announced PlayStation Now? Do you think that your Internet connection will be able to handle the streaming service? Overwhelm us with senseless business jargon in the comments section below.

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