A toast to top actors

Konami has spared no expense on the voice cast in upcoming PlayStation 3 murder-‘em-up Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, with high-profile thespians such as Robert Carlyle, Sir Patrick Stewart, and Richard Madden all reprising their roles in the upcoming current generation release. If you’re in need of further proof of the star studded lineup, then this cinematic trailer dubbed ‘Dracula’s Destiny’ should do the trick.

We must admit that we’re gradually getting pretty excited for this. Between the game’s macabre art style, mysterious modern setting, and outstanding array of accents, we suspect that Spanish developer MercurySteam may have a hit on its hands. We actually got to play a chunk of this last year, and we can confirm that it rivals God of War in terms of sheer spectacle. The most impressive thing is that the studio’s promising 20 hours’ worth of original content. Inject it into our bloodstream.

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