"I want it now"

Speculation suggested that Sony was brewing up a storm for CES 2014 this week, and while we didn’t get a look at the Japanese giant’s oft-rumoured virtual reality sensor, the platform holder at least poured down a veritable hail storm of information regarding its cloud streaming service PlayStation Now. Among some of the nuggets outlined, the organisation hinted that the online innovation’s set to enter open beta in North America later this month. So, how do you sign up?

Well, the firm’s yet to confirm anything official, but a website allowing you to register for more details pertaining to the platform certainly looks promising. You’ll need to enter your name, address, email information, and PlayStation Network account details – more than you’d ordinarily need for a bog-standard newsletter. It’s probably important to be honest here, as the organisation will no doubt want to test the service nationwide.

It’s also worth pointing out that the page doesn’t explicitly mention that applicants will obtain access to the beta, but you can’t do any harm by registering. At the very least, entering your details will ensure that you’re contacted with regular information regarding the sign-up process. And you just never know – you may end up with a code in your inbox at the end of the month. Are you hoping to participate in the PlayStation Now test? Stream a response in the comments section below.

[source us.playstation.com]