PlayStation 4
Top of the consoles

For a console that’s broken all sorts of records around the world, the PlayStation 4 has been curiously absent from the top of most retailers’ best sellers lists in recent weeks. That’s because the system has been more-or-less sold out since it originally released on 15th November in North America. However, a substantial supply of stock at has rocketed the super machine straight back to the summit.

We reported on the platform’s availability overnight, prompting readers to be swift if they wanted to secure the system – but it remained available for several hours before eventually exhausting the entirety of the online plaza's pre-Christmas allocation. That may lead you to believe that the demand for the device wasn’t as high as recent reports have suggested, but it was more than enough for the hardware to leapfrog its competitors and take control of the online retailer’s video games category. We’re sure that Jack Tretton’s enjoying a celebratory swig of champagne as we type.

Seriously, though, it’s just nice to see new units available in the region. Sony’s latest console has done incredibly well over the past month, but the lack of stock has been a bit of blemish on its otherwise outstanding achievements. Let’s hope that the platform holder can keep the supply flowing once the holidays have come to a close.

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