"Can't get these particle effects anywhere else"

Exclusive software is often considered the differentiator between platforms. Whether it’s Master Chief, Nathan Drake, or Super Mario in the starring roles, these are the characters that can only be found on one brand. Sony arguably has the strongest internal development network in the industry – and group president Andrew House believes that this will help the company to amass a library of exclusives that could only exist on the PlayStation 4.

“What’s important is not to try and craft something that is just exclusive for the sake of it, but that takes full advantage of the console’s capabilities, in a way that perhaps isn’t possible for the competition,” he said as part of an interview with The Guardian. “That’s something that we’ll develop over time.”

In other words, the firm’s not especially interested in securing software that would otherwise be available elsewhere – and we reckon that the suit raises an interesting point. Titanfall may be being billed as the big Xbox One showcase, but it’s also in production for the Xbox 360 and PC. DriveClub and inFAMOUS: Second Son, however, have the freedom to extract every last drop of juice from Sony’s supercharged system – primarily because they’re not set to release anywhere else.

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