PlayStation 4 Headset

We know that Sony is almost certainly working on a virtual reality peripheral for the PlayStation 4. Rumours seeping out of the platform holder earlier in the year suggested that it's deep into development on an Oculus Rift-esque peripheral that will allow you to physically examine virtual worlds by moving your head for real. Reports even hinted that the manufacturer was planning to announce the add-on this year, but it opted to keep it under wraps in order to focus on the launch of its next generation console. With the system smashing sales records around the globe, though, it may be about to share new information on the unannounced unit.

A patent filed by the firm earlier this year reiterates that it really is working on a wearable accessory for its latest machine – but that it may be much more complex than we originally assumed. The filing notes that, as expected, the unit will include a display and sensors to allow you to look around, but it also mentions that it may feature additional measures located over the forehead to track “the user’s biological information, such as body temperature, pulse, blood components, perspiration, brain waves, and cerebral blood flow”. Interestingly, the company submitted a similar patent in relation to the DualShock controller prior to the PS4’s announcement. The documentation also discusses the idea of eye-tracking – a feature that we know is in the works at Sony’s new research and development department named Magic Lab.

While all of this sounds interesting, you may be thinking that it all seems a bit dangerous. Fortunately, the platform holder also proposes a solution whereby the headset could detect objects within your playing space and provide feedback to help you to avoid bumping into them. Obviously, the manufacturer has been submitting a slew of patents lately, so this could be little more than postulating by the PlayStation maker. However, the existence of this submission when combined with the recent virtual reality rumours makes it all the more interesting. Are you attracted the idea of wearable technology, and do you think that the various tracking capabilities detailed within could add to the immersion of a traditional title? Enter another world in the comments section below.